Special care

A little bit of DADO SENS every day.

Special care

The right care solution for every care requirement:

Ectoin reduces the severity of wrinkles and strengthens the skin’s natural immune defenses. It is ideal for sensitive skin and skin in need of regeneration.

For insect bites, itching, slight sunburn and light abrasions, we recommend our Teebaum Tea Tree Ointment.

Beautiful, cared-for hands with Hand Repair – the perfect care for dry, rough and stressed skin.

AVIOLA Refreshing Leg Gel cares for tired and heavy legs, cools, and supplies intensive moisture.

For beautifully cared for feet: SalvaCare Anti-Callus Balm reduces callused skin gently and effectively.

Salva Care Intensiv Intensive Foot Balm is the ideal care for dry and extremely dry, rough and cracked feet.

DADO SENS Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid
Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid
DADO SENS Tea Tree Ointment
Tea Tree Ointment
DADO SENS DeoSensitive Deodorant Balm Roll-on 24h
Deodorant Balm Roll-on
DADO SENS DeoSensitive Deodorant Spray 24h
Deodorant Spray
DADO SENS HandRepair Intensive Hand Cream
Intensive Hand Cream
DADO SENS AVIOLA Refreshing Leg Gel
Refreshing Leg Gel
DADO SENS SalvaCare Anti-Callus Balm
Anti-Callus Balm
DADO SENS SalvaCare Intensiv Intensive Foot Balm
Intensive Foot Balm