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Damaging environmental influences, aggressive substances or hereditary and age-related factors have led to an increase in extremely dry, sensitive skin. The skin chaps, fails to bind the moisture supplied, and dries out. Flaking and itching are the result.

ExtroDerm’s natural and pleasant care formula, containing urea and panthenol, moisturizes the skin and helps it to bind moisture itself.

The skin becomes supple. Itching and flaking are reduced.

Borage seed oil has a long-term care effect. Salt from the Dead Sea regulates the skin’s natural salt levels, improves its defenses and guards against irritation and inflammation.

DADO SENS ExtroDerm Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanser
DADO SENS ExtroDerm Eye Cream
Eye Cream
DADO SENS ExtroDerm Intensive Cream
Intensive Cream
DADO SENS ExtroDerm Cleansing Shower Emulsion
Cleansing Shower Emulsion
DADO SENS ExtroDerm Skin Balm
Skin Balm
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