A little calmer – every day.


Sensitive skin prone to allergies not only requires intensive care, but also special protection.

ProBalance has been specifically developed for this sensitive skin type.

Natural active ingredients, such as ceramides, panthenol and aloe vera, protect the skin against damaging environmental influences and guard against overreactions.

A superior liquorice root extract counteracts itching, stinging and redness.

In this way, ProBalance helps the skin to regain its natural balance, strengthens its defenses over the long term, and gives it a pleasant feeling of being cared for.

DADO SENS ProBalance Soft Facial Cleanser
Soft Facial Cleanser
DADO SENS ProBalance Soft Eye Lotion
Soft Eye Lotion
DADO SENS ProBalance Soothing Face Cream
Soothing Face Cream
DADO SENS ProBalance Soft Cleansing Shower Foam
Soft Cleansing Shower Foam
DADO SENS ProBalance Soothing Body Balm
Soothing Body Balm
DADO SENS ProBalance Akut Soothing Acute Cream
Soothing Acute Cream
DADO SENS ProBalance Akut Soothing Acute Spray
Soothing Acute Spray