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Blemished skin and acne are problems that not only occur during adolescence, but which are also frequently experienced by adults.

The PurDerm care range has been specifically developed to prevent and combat pimples and blackheads in skins of all ages.

Mild fruit acids have an antibacterial effect and help to soften corneous skin.

Soothing ingredients, such as alpha-bisabolol and allantoin, guard against inflammation and promote an improvement in the general condition of the skin.

DADO SENS PurDerm Creamy Cleanser
Creamy Cleanser
DADO SENS PurDerm Deep Cleansing Mask
Deep Cleansing Mask
DADO SENS PurDerm Deep Cleansing Tonic
Deep Cleansing Tonic
DADO SENS PurDerm Anti-Blemish Roll-On
Anti-Blemish Roll-On
DADO SENS PurDerm Normalizing Cream
Normalizing Cream
DADO SENS PurDerm Intensive Gel
Intensive Gel
DADO SENS PurDerm Tinted Cream light
Tinted Cream light
DADO SENS PurDerm Tinted Cream dark
Tinted Cream dark